ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ David López / David Carpintero 



PLACE _ Paterna (Spain)

M2 _ 2.675 m2

DATE_ September 2015

The need to expand the offices for a bottled water company, and the concept of how it develops its work, determined the choice of some old industrial buildings as a new building to place the headquarters.


The old factory structure would remain as a container for the new space, but now more significant structural elements, iron trusses, would be put into value, which currently, due to the cost of their complexity of execution, is rare to see. The saw tooth envelope, which captures the maximum light, in spaces far from the exterior is also valued.

 On the ground floor is the access and different areas of telemarketing, offices and multipurpose spaces for conferences and the "thinking box", a recreational space. On the first floor the offices are located in glass boxes in two external bands that delimit the interior work space, taking advantage of the diaphaneity of its structure.

This project is a good exercise to demonstrate that industrial spaces can be interesting as long as they are treated with architectural concepts and not just engineering