ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ David López, David Carpintero, Inma Santamargarita



PLACE _ Rocafort (Valencia, Spain)

M2 _ 305 m2

DATE_ March2016 

The conditions of the site and the owners, dictate from the first moment the way in which this housing project is developed.


It is an elongated plot, with the longest side facing the street with a west orientation, and the south being on the short side, where the plot widens.


The need for the elimination of architectural barriers due to the handicap of "Anita", the daughter of the owners, caused the removal of any obstacle, as well as the development of almost 90% of the program on the ground floor.


3 volumes make up the spaces, two on the ground floor, differentiating their use through their materiality. The access is made through the center, leaving the night volume on the left (three bedrooms and 2 wc) materialized with masonry stone, and on the right the white day volume (living room-kitchen-porch-toilet and laundry) .


The patio provides light and ventilation to the central part and connects the ground floor with the first, where the fourth room is located with a living room.


The rotundity of the volumes, with their openings controlled to the best orientations and views, are the main characteristics of this project.