ARCHITECT_  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS_ Rosa Lafuente, David López, Álvaro Méndez, Marta Ramón, Jesús Sancho-Tello 


INTERIOR DESIGN_Antonio Altarriba, Gonzalo Calvo

LANDSCAPE_Inma Santamargarita

DEVELOPER _ Grupo Saona

DATE_ August 2017


The Saona restaurant in Santa Barbara, Rocafort, faces the challenge of transforming a pre-existing location.


The existing topography, composed of a series of levels and platforms at different heights, will be the starting line of the composition of this project. The drywall masonry limestone walls will be the ones that will distribute the different parts of the premises, providing a structural function.

In short, the intention has been to create a place with the meditérraneos construction elements of the area, taking advantage of the existing topography of the plot, melting the exterior with the interior.